Our Services

Key services offered by us include product selection, customization, quality assurance, punctual delivery, hygiene and infection control, inventory management, and sustainability initiatives.

Custom-Made Attire

Apart from providing off-the-shelf uniforms, we extend our services to create custom attire for clients, irrespective of the order quantity. Our tailor-made offerings accommodate individual preferences for sizing, specific design details, and unique requirements. This guarantees a personalized and unique uniform solution tailored to each client’s needs.

Heat Transfer/Iron On

By employing a heat transfer process, we can imprint preferred designs onto stickers and affix them to diverse garments using heat or ironing. This technique guarantees a durable adherence to the fabric, maintaining its quality even after undergoing numerous wash cycles. It is frequently employed for incorporating numbers or logos onto quick-dry shirts, jerseys, and uniforms.

Silkscreen Printing

The silkscreen printing process begins with the fabrication of a design mold using silk or mesh. Subsequently, ink is applied through the mesh onto the fabric substrate, enabling the manifestation of vivid and accurate colors. For designs with multiple colors, various screens are utilized, yielding prints of exceptional quality and durability.

Sublimation Services

In the process of sublimation printing, the initial step involves printing the artwork onto a specialized paper. Subsequently, heat is applied to facilitate the transfer of the design onto a blank fabric sheet, ensuring comprehensive coverage and vibrant colors. This technique is frequently employed in the creation of sports jerseys, guaranteeing prints that are enduring and resistant to fading.

Embroidery Services

Our expertise lies in embroidery, a method that employs needles and thread to adorn fabric. This technique is utilized to craft detailed and textured designs on various garments, including uniform badges or logos. The outcome is a polished and aesthetically pleasing embroidered finish.

UV Printing

Through our UV printing service, we offer the customization of diverse gift items, ranging from pens and pen drives to tiles. This printing technique is ideal for hard surfaces that are non-absorbent, facilitating the creation of precise and vibrant designs. This ensures that personalized gifts or branded corporate items achieve a distinctive and standout appearance.